Latex Swim Caps Info

The facts about Latex Swimming Caps over Silicone Swimming Caps

With the Silicone Swimming Caps, you can certainly expect No allergies, sometimes swimmers may suffer from small latex allergies from wearing Latex Swimming Caps.

The Silicone Swimming Caps definitely have a reduced environmental impact created in the production of a Latex Swimming Caps, they are not as friendly as super soft silicone.

Silicone Swim Caps with improved fit.

Silicone Swimming Caps generally have a greater more improved fit, than that of Latex Swimming Caps. The Silicone Swimming Cap is definitely longer lasting, with the Classic Silicone Swim Cap definitely outlasting the Latex Swimming Cap.

Swimming Races INFO

Most Swimmers competing in “Swimming Races ” prefer the Silicone Swim Caps, they fit the swimmer well but also looks better on the head but also the swimmer will go faster.

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